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Third parties seek customer energy usage data for a variety of reasons, ranging from greenhouse gas emission studies to research for energy efficiency programs designed to help California meet energy goals.  To help third parties obtain the customer data they need in a manner that protects our customer's privacy, SDG&E implemented Privacy GreenLight, SDG&E's answer to the DRRP. Privacy GreenLight assists third parties with requests for customer energy data that cannot be satisfied by the public reports made available on the Energy Data Request Program home page.  At the same time, Privacy GreenLight helps ensure that authorized third parties are eligible to receive data, have a relevant business case for receiving data, and can protect customer energy usage data while it is in their possession.

About the Process

Privacy GreenLight begins with a simple questionnaire form designed to help SDG&E determine how to best provide the third party the information they need while ensuring everyone protects customer privacy.  Upon receiving the completed form, SDG&E will assign the third party a company request sponsor that will help them through the process.  Following a validation assessment to verify the identity of the third party, a more detailed review of the request is conducted, which may include review of their security practices.   Once all reviews are finalized and the request is approved, the data is securely packaged and submitted to the third party.

Depending on the nature of the request, the third party may be required to sign a Terms of Service, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or a contract prior to receiving data.  For a sample of the NDA, please click here.

Eligible Third Parties

CPUC decision 14-05-016 authorizes the following third parties to receive customer energy usage data under specific circumstances.

  • Local governments or representatives of local government entities
  • Researchers acting on behalf of nationally accredited institutions
  • State or federal agencies which require energy data to fulfill statutory obligations
  • Third parties acting on behalf of the California Department of Community Services & Development when energy data is required to fulfill obligations pursuant to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Additional third parties, such as vendors contracted to perform work on behalf of SDG&E, may also be eligible to use Privacy GreenLight to request data.  All third parties using Privacy GreenLight must provide a valid business case for requesting data. 

Third parties seeking to obtain data for the purposes of marketing to customers for commercial or other purposes are expressly prohibited from requesting or receiving customer data without explicit customer consent prior to the release of energy data.

Third Party Documentation Requirements

Complete documentation will be required for various third parties making requests for energy data per CPUC Decision 14-05-016 This documentation includes: .

Third Party: Required Documentation:
Local Government Terms of Service signed by an authorized representative of the local government.
  • Valid evidence that the research project advances understanding of California energy use & conservation.
  • Project must be certified to be in compliance with "Common Rule" for protection of human subjects by an Institutional Review Board (National Science Foundation's Code of Federal Regulations 45CFR690).
  • Project must demonstrate compliance with provisions of Civil Code 1798.24(t)(1) when seeking personally identifiable information.
  • A signed Model Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Requests for information from third parties not identified above may require a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, contract and other documentation.

Eligible third parties should have this documentation prepared prior to submitting the Request for Information web form.

What SDG&E Collects

SDG&E collects customer information for purposes as described in our Privacy Notice.   Some examples of what we collect can be found here.   In addition, please reference the SDGE Data Elements Dictionary document by clicking here.

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