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SDG&E requires third parties to undergo a security assessment which includes a Cybersecurity Attestation before consumer information can be disclosed. Required documentation will be requested at a later time.

Terms of Use

You may use this online form ("Privacy GreenLight") only if you are a third party eligible to request and receive customer energy usage data from San Diego Gas & Electric ("SDG&E") and have agreed to take part in Privacy GreenLight by submitting this request form to which these Privacy GreenLight Terms of Use apply. Use of Privacy GreenLight is furnished subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Web site  which are incorporated herein by this reference, and the following Terms of Use, all of which shall apply in all respects related hereto.

Online Third Party Information Request Service

Privacy GreenLight allows third parties that meet specific criteria to request customer information from SDG&E. Available services under the Privacy GreenLight umbrella include online aggregated data by customer type and zip code, request forms, and a transaction log of certain kinds of requests. SDG&E plans to add additional online services to Privacy GreenLight, as appropriate, in the future.

SDG&E reserves the right to modify or discontinue any or all services or features of Privacy GreenLight at any time without notice.

Third Party Requirements

Specifically, by participating in Privacy GreenLight you agree that:

You are subject to these Privacy GreenLight Terms of Use as long as you take part in Privacy GreenLight, including all its online services. By selecting the "Submit" button when requesting data using the online form in Privacy GreenLight, you are confirming that you accept these Privacy GreenLight Terms of Use (or any future modifications thereof) - as a pre-condition to using Privacy GreenLight.

When you submit this request form using Privacy GreenLight, you represent that the information you have provided is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.

By submitting this request form you are also authorizing SDG&E to post a brief summary of your request for customer information, including the requesting organization, and brief explanation of the request, and the status of the request, as well as other data relevant to the request, into an online request transaction log (the "Data Request Catalog") which will be available for public view.

Communications from SDG&E

By completing this request form, you expressly consent to receive automatic email notifications regarding your request status, as well as communications from SDG&E representatives if they require more information regarding your request. These notifications will be sent to the email address you provide in the request form. (Since these are transaction notices pursuant to the agreement between you and SDG&E, you may not "opt-out" from communications related to Privacy GreenLight.) In addition, you expressly consent to receive phone calls from SDG&E representatives if they require more information to fulfill your request. These phone calls will be made to the phone number(s) provided in your request. Failure to provide accurate contact information may result in delay or denial of your request. 

Canceling a Privacy GreenLight Request

To cancel a Privacy GreenLight request for customer information, contact your Request Sponsor, or the SDG&E Office of Customer Privacy and inform us you wish to withdraw your request.

Other Terms of Use

  • SDG&E reserves the right in its sole discretion to prevent any User from accessing this web site in connection with Privacy GreenLight.
  • Use of Privacy GreenLight, and any SDG&E service accessed, is at your sole risk. Although SDG&E has endeavored to create a secure and reliable service, the confidentiality or security of any communication transmitted or accessible over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, SDG&E, its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, successors and assigns are not responsible for the security of any information transmitted or accessed using the Internet. Actual or attempted unauthorized use of this Privacy GreenLight service may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.
  • Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Privacy GreenLight Terms of Use shall have the definitions ascribed thereto in the Terms of Use of this Web site, and if applicable, the Mobile Terms and Conditions.
  • SDG&E reserves the right to change these Privacy GreenLight Terms of Use at any time, effective immediately upon updating this web site.
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