Customer Data Request

Service providers working with SDG&E and need access to SDG&E customer information are required to complete a request in order to obtain authorization to access this data.

Before Making a Request

To expedite the request, service providers should prepare for the following:

  1. Review your contract with SDG&E for details regarding necessary privacy and security safeguards.
  2. Determine your correct internal SDG&E request sponsor (generally, a representative of the department that you contracted with).
  3. Complete the form as completely as possible. Direct any questions to your request sponsor.
  4. Your organization may be contacted by SDG&E's Cyber Security department for a risk assessment. Please provide responses to Cyber Security as soon as possible.

What to Expect After Making a Request

Generally, service provider requests in which Cyber Security assessments have been completed can be processed within five to ten business days. Requests that require additional information or clarification may take longer.

Service providers that have never conducted a Cyber Security review with SDG&E, or have not conducted one in the last year, should plan an extra two weeks for the assessment.

After the request has been reviewed internally, data will be shared with the service provider using a secure channel.

What to do if you have questions

Service providers with general questions about their request can contact their SDG&E request sponsor. Any questions about the cyber security assessment can be directed to the Cyber Security point of contact who provided the assessment. Any questions about SDG&E's process for managing requests can contact the Office of Customer Privacy Customer Information Management team at

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